I don’t actually have an iPod but it’s easier to call it an ‘iPod’ sock, rather than an mp3 player sock. I was reading 10 feet high and came across this post and realised that:

– my poor mp3 player has no cover to protect it from bumps, falls and scratches,

– this would be a great first stranding project,

– the small size is perfect for a long car journey,

– I had the perfect yarn for this.

So I got the chart for the endpaper mitts from Eunny Jang and set about knitting this while we drove to Boston. I knit two pieces flat and seamed them together along the bottom and sides. I used some variegated wool leftovers from my Jaywalkers and some dark blue yarn from the stash. Both are fingering weight so I used US size 1 (2.25mm) double pointed needles.

I’m really happy with it but I didn’t realise that it was going to curl so much at the top so I think I should have done ribbing. I might try blocking it but I’m not sure what the blue yarn is made out of (I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s acrylic) so there’s a good chance that won’t work wonders. Also, I was very happy with my travel knitting kit:

It includes:

  • the chart, for obvious reasons
  • the two balls of yarn, again obvious
  • a set of dpns because they are way more compact than regular straight needles
  • a box of dental floss to cut the yarn (I was in a rush to leave and couldn’t find my small scissors)
  • a pen for making any notes.

It was so useful. It kept all my things together so I didn’t end up losing anything in the car and it was much easier to carry than the huge bag I usually take in the car.