All my friends know I knit and so when it came to my birthday last month, low and behold what one kind friend got for me:

Isn’t it beauteous (yes, that is a word)? A Cath Kidston bag…especially made for knitting! Amazing! And a picture of it filled with my yarn to tide me over until I get home:

And something else exciting, I saw someone else with one in a different pattern in a Starbucks in London. And she was knitting! I’ve really only seen people knitting in public twice: this woman in Starbucks, and a girl on the tram in Boston. I love it!

In other news, I have started on the Cap-sleeved cardigan from ‘Love to Knit’ by Bronwyn Lowenthal. Unfortunately, I left it at home while I’m at school so that I can concentrate on my schoolwork. I’m knitting it up in some Microspun that I had lying around and it’s deliciously soft. I’m not sure I’ll ever end up wearing it but it should be my first finished item of knitted clothing.