work in progress

I haven’t posted on here for over three months. Whoops. I haven’t been doing much knitting as I’ve been travelling a lot so I really wasn’t able to do much. As soon as I got back home though, I immediately cast on several new projects and now I have a lot of WIPs.

First up is an FO. ‘Le Slouch’ by Knit and Tonic is a really simple pattern for a great-looking hat. I used the tubular cast-on for this hat and I really need some practice with it because it didn’t turn out to be stretchy but it looks really good. I made the moss stitch version of the hat and I really recommend the pattern. The yarn is Bernat Shine in Crimson leftover from a scarf I made last year. Unfortunately, I only have one side picture of it but it’s a really basic slouchy hat so I’m sure you get the idea.

The Star Crossed Slouchy Beret (ravelry link) is a great pattern and I love my new hat! It’s an extremely slouchy hat with pretty random cables and I absolutely love it. I just love slouchy hats. The needles are 8mm (US 11) so it knits up really quickly as well, always a bonus! I knitted it up with Diamond Luxury Alpaca Peru, which is really, really amazing yarn – it’s so soft and so so warm. The colour is a very bright teal so I can’t help but think that maybe it would be better suited for a cowl. But for now it’s staying as a lovely hat.

Next up is the 105-9 jacket with lace pattern and raglan sleeve from Drops, which looks very similar to Juliet from Zephyr Style. I begun this a few days ago with Bernat Soy Blend in Seasalt and I’m really happy with the yarn. It’s really soft and smooth, however, there are loads of knots in it. In the first ball of yarn, I had at least three knots and one in the second. It’s a real shame because otherwise it’s very nice. The pattern is simple although it took me a while to understand it as it is my first time reading a pattern set out like that. I’m not sure if I like it enough to wear it so it’s going into hibernation before I decide whether to rip out and do a raglan U-neck cardigan or to carry on.

And finally, I have a project which is probably going to take me a lifetime. It’s a crocheted afghan being made from all my acrylic scraps. I saw this one on Craftster and knew I had to have one. It’s just made of a lot of crocheted hexagons, all joined with black yarn. So far I only have 15 hexagons, so I’m probably only 10% done or something. I’m really enjoying this afghan though and it’s fun to think up all the colour combinations.


I realise I’ve been neglecting the blog a little lately, namely because exams are getting the better of me so I don’t have time to knit. But they’ll all be over in a month! I have a week off so I started a new pair of socks – Charade by Sandra Park. I’ve just turned the heel and I had a little problem with it but I think it’s just me because I looked up the errata and it wasn’t mentioned but when it said purl 5, I had to purl 9 to get it to work out properly.

I’m using a self-striping yarn by Online and the colours are so bright and pretty! I have a feeling that I’m knitting too tight but I hope it will work out because I hate frogging.

I haven’t had the chance to do much knitting lately as I’ve had way too much schoolwork but I’ve been dying to make some socks recently. I only had some cheap worsted-weight 100% mercerised wool, which I got from Wal-mart but it actually seems to be pretty nice. I picked out the Cable Twist Socks by Hello Yarn¬†through a long¬†session on Ravelry and cast on for them last night. The pattern seems quite interesting although you can see I didn’t get far before I realised I’d made a mistake but I am determined to finish the pair!

I’ve noticed that all my clothing seems to be in rather muted colours at the moment so I need something bright and hence the Cap-sleeved Cardigan from ‘Love to Knit’ by Bronwyn Lowenthal. I’m using Lion Brand Microspun in royal blue and it’s a really strong colour – I love it! I’m already done with the back piece and I’ve started on one of the fronts. It’s pretty quick and easy although I have managed to mess up the lace on more than one occasion.

And even more colour. I went to the LYS for a long overdue visit and I found some amazing sock yarn, which was dyed locally. It’s from Tanis Fiber Arts and it’s superwash wool with some nylon in a great colour (the colourway is Mallard). I seriously love it. I now need to find a sock pattern to display it in its full glory! This photo doesn’t really show the beauty of the colour.

A few days ago I received a package from Little Knits who are having a massive sale at the moment.

From the left: three balls of Cascade Fixation #5398, two balls of Regia Crazy Colour #5260, five balls of King Cole Big Value DK in Golden Mustard and one ball of Lana Grossa Meilenweiten Multiringel #5030.

I was kind of expecting a different colour for the King Cole but that’s what I get for ordering without a picture but I’m in love with everything else! Especially the Lana Grossa because I hadn’t realised that I’d ordered it so it was a nice surprise. I’ve already started on my first pair of Jaywalkers using it. Hopefully it will be enough for both socks.

Well, I haven’t got anything new for now. I’ve just got back from my travels and I’m tired but I’m still making stuff. Now I’ve moved onto crocheting. I’m making the Short ‘n Sweet bolero from the Stitch ‘n Bitch Happy Hooker book out of some Bernat handicrafter cotton. I’ve made a few mistakes so far – I completed the back before attaching the fronts and then realised that you’re only supposed to go to the underarm so I frogged. So far I have completed the top section of the back and the front right section and here’s a progress pic:

I love knitting scarves and hats but I decided to venture further into the knitting world with my first sweater. I joined the KAL for a beginner’s raglan on Craftster, using Bernat Super Value, and here is what I have produced so far:

First sweater

I have actually gotten further than this but I haven’t gotten around to taking a photo. At the moment I’m on the second sleeve but I seem to have given up hope.

I increased WAY too much before reaching the armpits and that’s why it has such a crazy shape. I fear this sweater won’t be worn but it was at least good practice for me.

I love the colours but they might be a bit bright and it just doesn’t fit me properly.

And here is a photo of it when the body was about half-done and I was still happy with it:

Half done body